TsLiga 2021 Matchday 7 Round-Up

tsliga 2021 matchday 7

Brilliant twist to the TsLiga as we approach the 2021 mid-season. The top three teams dropped points with 89FC and Schimchi playing draws and H.Micheals losing to the Kings. The Tigers produced a great second-half comeback to level the game with 89FC leading 2-0 at halftime. SportsWorks held Schimchi to a draw, who were wasteful with clear goal scoring opportunities.

TsLiga Matchday 7 Highlights

Schimchi have failed to score in their last two games. This is a concern for a side that has scored 13 goals in 5 games, the third best-attacking team in the TsLiga, only less than H.Micheals (16) and 89FC (18). However, they are still unbeaten in the league as well as 89FC who dropped points against the Tigers. The Tigers earn their first point in 3 games and they play the league leaders again on Matchday 8.

Best moments from TsLiga 2021 Matchday 7 – 10 June 2021

TsLiga 2021 Matchday 7 – Full Match Videos

89FC v Tigers –

H.Micheals v Kings

SportsWorks v Schimchi

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