GLP Partners TurfSeason To Mentor Young Nigerian Footballers

We are happy to announce a partnership with GLP 2018 to mentor young Nigerian Footballers registered with Turf Season Academy. General Kopho Leadership Program (GLP) is a mentorship program with the ultimate goal to transform 100 young Nigerians into excellent leaders by 2022.

Leadership is an important but underdeveloped life skill among youth athletes. We are glad to reinforce our commitment to give grassroots ‘talents the best resources to improve their lives with our partnership with GLP2018.

GLP will impact leadership knowledge and skills that has been specially designed to nurture the best young leaders in Nigeria. The Program will run in 4 weekend sessions spread out across the month of June, 2018. The overall objective is to expose TurfSeason Academy players to the importance of leadership skills and how it can help them meet their career goals as well as team goals and harmony.

Key results expected is a gradual change in the attitudes and behaviours of the participants such that there’s a noticeable impact in their approach to life, career, thereby becoming exemplary role models for their friends, family, fans and the society.

Times are changing. With so many social vices in the society, we need many more young people with excellent leadership skills to lead a favourable and positive change in the society.  The GLP TurfSeason Partnership is a great step towards creating a better society for all.

Football is a powerful force that unites people. Leadership skills for players will invariably create a better atmosphere that will create an even stronger bond amongst billions of people all over the world. More so, The role of leadership skills for a person or organization cannot be over-emphasised especially in contemporary times where the world is clamouring for leaders that can foster peace, unity and progress.  TurfSeason is proud of the GLP2018 Program and looks forward to its immediate success.

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