8 Tips to Create Wealth From Nothing

create wealth

  1. Build Networks. Sounds stupid, but go to places and events where people are doing big and interesting things. Have conversations, soak everything in, gather a lot of cards, make yourself available, and make genuine friendships. People will tap those they like over other people when they have opportunities.
  2. Be flexible. Success won’t always look like you think it will, and neither will opportunities. Be open to moving from where you live, taking some chances, and being uncomfortable.
  3. Do not go into debt over stupid things. Nothing will kill your net worth faster than debt. Don’t do it if you don’t have to…and certainly not over stupid things like cars, etc..
  4. Change your mindset. Do you know where competition is steepest? In the middle. Very few people actually shoot for big things, they aspire to common things…there’s nothing wrong with that, but it shows you where most people are.
  5. Expose yourself to wealth. I know this sounds stupid, but seeing what is possible will open your eyes if you haven’t seen it before. I used to think physicians were “rich” growing up – that’s how limited my view was. A few things you’ll note that will expand you: what’s possible, how much money is out there (it’s not rare), and that most of these people are not special in any way.
  6. Don’t listen to people’s opinions. A lot of people give advice they think is good – for them. Follow your own heart and your own drive.
  7. Reverse Engineer as much as possible. Know what you want to do? Read the people who are doing just that, and reverse engineer how to do it yourself.
  8. Be relentless. There’s a great saying that “rivers don’t cut through rock because they are powerful, they cut through rock because they are persistent.” Just keep going.

Good luck.

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