Talents Turn Out at Turf Season Football Screening

Turf Season Academy held an open screening today at IBB Field Gbagada for U19 young football talents based in Lagos. The screening exercise which started at 1pm and lasted 3 hours, was able to identify great talent which will add value and bolster the current side.

Turf Season football project is helping transform grassroots talents into superstars. “With quality training, exposure and mentoring, we can give these young talents the right profile and platform to achieve their dreams of playing professional football in Nigeria, Europe or anywhere in the world” said Paschal Agonsi, Turf Season’s Project Director.

Paschal Agonsi believes that “getting quality football education and experience is the most important ingredient in the making of a professional player. Nigeria does have considerably great talent but a lack of investment is killing this important industry that’s worth billions of dollars worldwide.”

At Turf Season, we are doing our best with limited resources to provide the right facilities for these players to develop not just as footballers, but to use the power of sports to change their social and economic well-being as we have plans to introduce vocational and life skills training. With these, we can use football and sports as a catalyst for community growth and development, a player at a time. We call on well-meaning Nigerians and corporate bodies to support and partner with us.”

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