Haggai/Zenith Sports Awards Turf Season 2020 Super League Best Players

Nigeria’s Number one Sports Brand, Haggai (Zenith Sports) continued its tradition of supporting Grassroots Football in Nigeria by awarding the best players of the 2020 Turf Season Super League.

Haggai (Zenith Sports) donated the Best Coach Award, the Golden Boot Award, the Best Player (MVP) and the Best Goal Keeper Award for the 2020 edition of the Turf Season Super League.

For decades now, Haggai (Zenith Sports) has been a pillar in Nigeria’s Sports Industry and supporting Grassroots Football Development in particular. Their sponsorship of Turf Season Super League is very much in line with the company mission of maintaining its positioning as the biggest supporter of Grassroots Football in the country.

Turf Season Super League is a grassroots football competition showcasing the very best of African football talents. For more information about the Turf Season Super League, please visit www.turfseason.com.





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