Football Intelligence: The Key Attributes

football intelligence

Football Intelligence is key to a successful professional football player.

Danny Jones, Manager at Leigh Athletic FC, Technical One to One Coach, Football Writer/Blogger shares some insights about football intelligence.

When I’m assessing a player of any age, the first thing I’m watching is their head, because when you watch a players head, you can read what they’re looking at, which can give you a clear insight into their football intelligence both on & off the ball.


Do they play with their head up?

Is the player positive, searching for possibilities of penetratingthe opposition?

Are they aware of teammates & opposition players around them?

Do they see the good options & make good decisions?


Do they scan the pitch off the ball?

Does the player check their shoulder before receiving the ball to feet?

Does the player sense or read danger early?

Can they anticipate where play is going, are they one step ahead?

Are they constantly on the hunt for precious space & time?

Do they offer themselves & give teammates an option?

Now, the best players in the world don’t just have the best feet, but they have the best football brains to with them too.

Every top player in world football will also posses certain mental attributes listed below that helps them on the pitch to influence a game.

Tactical awareness
Decision making

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